The LAURA Short Fiction Awards,
named in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder,
are sponsored by Women Writing the West (WWW).
Members of WWW enter their short stories in a contest. WWW is proud to publish the winners in the LAURA Journal.

Women Writing the West is a nonprofit organization of writers and other professionals writing and promoting the Women's West. Membership is open to all interested persons worldwide.

Table of Contents

First Place
Grub Line Rider by Anne Schroeder

Second Place
Pueblo Dancer by Leslee Breene

Third Place
At the Thirty-Fourth Latitude by Sheila MacAvoy

Honorable Mention
Todas Las Madres by Karen Stevenson

Honorable Mention
Elvira by Liz Duckworth

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2012-2013 LAURA Committee

Erin S. Gray
WWW President

Cynthia Becker
WWW President Elect

Pam Tartaglio
WWW Past President

Women Writing the West Thanks
Melodie Johnson Howe
2012 Final Judge

LAURA Journal Volume 3